Our goal is to make your first visit feel like you have come home…for indeed, you have! The following is a snapshot of what you can expect as a guest at Bethel United Methodist Church.

What to Wear
God’s house doesn’t have a dress code so neither do we. You’ll see everything from shorts and polo shirts to business casual. Our service provides a “come as you are” casual atmosphere for worship. Feel free to wear clothing that allows you to feel comfortable. As a courtesy to several members with severe allergies, we respectfully ask that you please leave the heavy perfumes and colognes at home.

We have three designated parking areas for visitors to use. The lots in front of and behind the church are small, and we like to keep those for our members with limited mobility. For those who are able to walk a stretch, we have a funeral home parking lot just to the right of the church with ample spaces to accommodate all.

Entering the Church
You can enter the main doors at the front of the church and that will put you right in the vestibule behind the sanctuary.  If you’re looking for Sunday School, the Choir, or our fellowship hall then you can use the entrances on the side or back of the building. Have no fear, they all connect and there are plenty of helpful people to help you find your way.

At each entrance to the sanctuary, greeters welcome each person with a smile and provide them with a bulletin. They can answer any questions you may have, but if the greeter doesn’t know the answer, he or she will certainly know who to ask or where to find it!

The Worship Experience
Our service is approximately 60 minutes long. It begins with a prelude performed by our talented organist. During announcements we’ll ask you to sign our Friendship Pads at the end of each pew so we know who is with us. While we hope you’ll let us know you came, you’re under no obligation to do so. Following the prelude we’ll have Announcements and our Call to Worship which signals the start of our service.

Other elements you may experience are congregational prayer, scripture reading, offering and each week, Pastor Rex presents a message which we believe will engage and inspire you. Our audio visual system adds meaningful enhancements to your worship experience.

What Happens After Church
Greet Pastor Rex and ask him any questions you might have about your visit and our church.