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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Prayers for Marian Resetar Office Office 0 07-21-2016
Marian Resetar was recently in the hospital and is being transferred to Fairwinds Manor in Sarver. The address is 126 Iron Bridge Rd., Sarver, PA 16055 No word on how long she will be there

Co-workers son Lindsay Kloepping 3 07-06-2016
Many of you may have seen the news reports of a boy from Fairfax Va stepping on an explosive in NYC’s central park over the weekend. That boy was the son of one of my co-workers. Connor is in stable condition but has lost his foot. He goes back into surgery today to prepare that leg for a prosthetic. His family could use our thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and then again as he begins his road to recovery and rehabilitation.

Prayers Requested Bethel Office 3 06-20-2016
Please keep Marian Resetar and her family in your thoughts and prayers with the sudden passing today of her husband, John.

Prayers requested for my daughter in law, Tammie Josie Meredith 2 05-21-2016
Requesting prayers for my daughter in law, Tammie and also for the rest of their family. Her lesion on her liver has grown. She still has no answers despite seeing multiple doctors and having test after test. Now she is to see an endocrinologist, a hematologist and another liver specialist. She is in pain on a daily basis. Please pray for healing of her liver and please let one of these doctors be the one who will finally come up with an answer and solution. Thanks so much, Bethel family!

Prayers Requested Christie Linnabary 2 05-18-2016
We would appreciate prayers for two of our children. Both Mary and Shea are having medical problems and could use prayers to help them through these problems. Also, please keep the rest of our family in your prayers as we go through this with them.

Asking for prayers Lil Peterman 1 05-17-2016
Would appreciate prayers for a friend, Joyce Gaito, who will be undergoing brain surgery tomorrow (Wednesday).

Prayers for my son Michelle Schafer 1 05-14-2016
My son is need of prayers. He was hurt playing hockey tonight (Thursday, May 12th), was unconscious for a little while and was taken to Forbes hospital by ambulance. i am out of state right now and I don’t know much except that it is a level 2 trauma and he is in stable condition. They are running tests now. Please pray. He has a history of concussions so this is scary.

Dan’s Surgery Kris Nemet 3 04-18-2016
I’d like to request prayers for Dan as he has hernia surgery this Wednesday the 20th. It is relatively minor and outpatient.

Asking prayers for my daughter in law Josie Meredith 1 03-01-2016
Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Tammie, who is undergoing tests to diagnose possible liver disease. She has been in pain and having multiple other symptoms for well over a year. Praying that these tests reveal what is wrong and that it is something that can been successfully treated. Thank you.

Prayers requested Anonymous 2 02-29-2016
My name is Ann and I would appreciate prayers for two people.

Josh is having custody problems and could use your prayers and Teena has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and could use your prayers.

Prayers for Dee’s brother and family Dee and John George 1 02-26-2016
Please keep Dee’s brother and his family in your prayers as he recovers from a sudden serious illness.

Prayers for Dee’s brother and family Dee and John George 0 02-25-2016
Please keep Dee’s brother and his family in your prayers as he recovers from a sudden serious illness.

Prayer Request Claudia Montgomery 1 02-22-2016
Prayer request for Lance’s friends from Arizona, The McDaniel family. They lost everything in a house fire on Wednesday.

prayer Anonymous 2 02-17-2016
Please keep Christi Alcorn and family in your prayers as she travels home to be with family after the passing of her father on Tuesday.

Prayer requested for our friend. Josie Meredith 2 02-14-2016
Please pray for Camille Campana who was recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Please pray for healing for Camille and for strength and faith for his wife, Bonnie. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request Bethel Office 3 02-13-2016
Please keep Lynda Davis and family your prayers on the passing of her father on Friday evening.

Prayers requested for Cathy Buffton’s Family Bethel Office 2 02-03-2016
To all of you who have texted, emailed and messaged me regarding the passing of my mother,
thank you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. We are fortunate to be surrounded with so much love and support.
Scheduling the funeral back east has been a bit of a challenge as we’ve been working around the storm in the mid west, which currently has my sister and her husband snowed in. I think we now have all the details worked out.
Please feel free to share the information.
For our friends and adopted family in Pittsburgh we will be having a memorial service out here in the coming weeks, date and time to be announced.
Back east the viewing for mom will be at the Jacob Davis funeral home in Taylor, Pa. 2-4, 7-9 on Sunday and a one hour viewing on Monday from 10 to 11 at the Beach Lake United Methodist Church in Beach Lake Pa. Followed by the funeral service at 11 and burial at the Beach Lake Cemetery. Feel free to share this information with anyone who might want to attend.

Prayers for Our Sister-in-Law, Deb Dee and John George 0 02-03-2016
We covet your prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow.
Thanks. Dee and John

Prayer Request Linda Johnson 2 02-02-2016
John & I would like to request prayers for a very good friend of ours, Robert Parker. He has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer which has spread to his bones.

Prayer Request Bethel Office 2 02-02-2016
Prayers are requested for Gary Alcorn, Sr. He is in Allegheny General hospital and undergoing tests.