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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Prayers for Mary Jendery and family Bethel Office 0 11-22-2016
Please keep Mary and her family in your prayers. Mary’s sister, Rose Shey passed away this morning. Funeral arrangements are being made (with the funeral possibly being Friday).

Prayer Request for Tillie Paredes Bethel Office 0 11-17-2016
Requesting prayers for Tillie. She was taken to St. Margaret’s hospital after a fall and moved to Skilled Care at Concordia while they try to determine what causes her to be dizzy. Prayers for her and the doctors who are taking care of her.

Prayers for Sam Hill, Karen’s husband Trish G. 1 10-29-2016
Please pray for Sam and Karen Hill. Sam Hill has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. They are awaiting more information about surgery and other treatment options.

Prayers requested for Bill Jendrey Bethel Office 1 10-21-2016
Prayers are needed for Bill Jendrey as he was taken to Shadyside Hospital today and will have surgery at 10:00 a.m. Friday.

Grant Jamie Gay 2 10-19-2016
Please prayer for my friends son Grant. He is in college and has been battling mono. He recently had a chest Xray and extensive blood tests. Please prayer for his strength to fight this virus, and for his family who are deeply concerned. Thank you.

Prayers for Alan Critchlow Bethel Office 1 10-17-2016
Prayers are requested for Alan Critchlow and family. Alan suffered another heart attack and is in Shadyside Hospital.

Continued Prayers Bethel Office 1 10-15-2016
Please keep the family of Deanna Kovitch in your prayers. Deanna passed away today. Arrangements are being made. Viewing will be at Rusiewicz Funeral Home on Sunday from 6 pm to 8 pm, Monday 2 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm. Funeral services will be Tuesday.

Prayers Requested Anonymous 0 10-14-2016
Please keep Deanna Kovitch and her family in your prayers. She was moved into West Penn Hospice Care yesterday.

Friends in need Jamie Gay 1 10-05-2016
Please pray for Sharon, my coworker who is battling liver issues and will be put on a transplant list soon. Also I am asking prayer for Mike, a dad who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He will receive 6 months of treatment and they will reassess at that time. Ask for God to guide the doctors who will follow them and their families who will support them. Thank you.

Prayers requested for my friend Josie Meredith 1 09-22-2016
Please pray for a young mother that I go to the gym with. She recently found out she has breast cancer and and she has to have a double mastectomy. She is not sure yet if chemo and radiation will be needed. Please pray for healing and strength for Suzie and her family as they face the unknown. And please pray for a cure for this awful killer disease. Thank you very much.

Prayer Request Michelle Kovitch-Maskas 3 09-06-2016
I’m asking for prayers for my mother, Deanna Kovitch. She fell on Monday morning and is in the ICU at Forbes.

Prayers requested Winnie Nale 1 09-04-2016
I’m asking for prayers for my brother, Richard. Over the past 21 years, he has had serious cancer surgeries and has been a healthy survivor, but at this time there are more problems. He will undergo many scans within the next couple of weeks to determine exactly where the new cancer is and ultimately what the treatments will be. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

Prayers for Vlasic Family Bethel Office 0 08-30-2016
Prayers are requested for the Vlasic family on the death of Mary this morning. Arrangements are being made thru the Rusiewicz funeral home.

Prayers needed Bethel Office 1 08-29-2016
Please keep Garnet Howard in your prayers. Garnet had a stroke and is unable to speak right now. Also, please keep Gene and family in your prayers.

Prayers Anonymous 1 08-24-2016
Shea Linnabary will be admitted to Children’s Hospital on Sunday, August 28th and will have surgery on Monday, August 29th. Please keep him and the Linnabary family in your prayers.

Prayer Request Linda Johnson 0 07-30-2016
Asking for prayers for my daughter-in-law (Moira Johnson). She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

Prayers for John Brown Office Office 1 07-21-2016
Prayers have been requested for John Brown who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Prayers for Marian Resetar Office Office 0 07-21-2016
Marian Resetar was recently in the hospital and is being transferred to Fairwinds Manor in Sarver. The address is 126 Iron Bridge Rd., Sarver, PA 16055 No word on how long she will be there

Co-workers son Lindsay Kloepping 3 07-06-2016
Many of you may have seen the news reports of a boy from Fairfax Va stepping on an explosive in NYC’s central park over the weekend. That boy was the son of one of my co-workers. Connor is in stable condition but has lost his foot. He goes back into surgery today to prepare that leg for a prosthetic. His family could use our thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and then again as he begins his road to recovery and rehabilitation.

Prayers Requested Bethel Office 3 06-20-2016
Please keep Marian Resetar and her family in your thoughts and prayers with the sudden passing today of her husband, John.