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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Prayers for brother and me Winnie Nale 1 02-22-2018
Please pray for my brother, Richard. He has been battling cancer off and on for about 22 years, and the cancer has reared its ugly head again. He is currently undergoing testing and will soon begin a new treatment program. Also asking for prayers for me–for a good report on a medical test that I will have done on Feb. 26. Thank you.

Prayers for Deb Conwell’s family Bethel Office 1 02-21-2018
Please keep Deb Conwell and her family in your prayers. Deb’s brother is not in good health and is not expected to be with them much longer. Her family has already lost two other brothers over the past year.

Prayers for Hess/Hecker families Bethel Office 2 02-08-2018
Prayers for Linda Hess and family. Her mother, Frances Hecker, has been put in hospice care. Our first prayer request had her mom’s name incorrect.

Prayer request for Bill Jendrey Bethel Office 2 02-06-2018
Bill was admitted to Shadyside Hospital for some tests on his heart. He will be in overnight and will be released tomorrow.

Michelle and Greg Schaffer’s dad Karen King 2 02-06-2018
Jim passed away last night. Prayers for the family as they move through this difficult time.

Prayer request for Jean Hecker Bethel Office 1 02-06-2018
Prayers are requested for Jean Hecker (Linda Hess’ mother). She was admitted to Allegheny General Hospital yesterday.

Prayers requested for Jim Rarick Bethel Office 2 02-01-2018
Please keep Jim Rarick in your prayers as he continues to heal from back surgery and healing of an infection.

Brett Boyer Patty Boyer 4 01-19-2018
Brett is at Allegheny General in ICU and is undergoing testing to determine the cause of his neck pain and other symptoms. More test will be done on Saturday to try to get a precise diagnosis. We are all stressed and could use your loving thoughts and prayers.

Prayers for Kauffman’s Bethel Office 2 01-10-2018
Mary Jane Kauffman was admitted to West Penn Hospital on Monday evening with the flu. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Update of Grace Trew Bethel Office 3 01-03-2018
Grace is doing better and has been moved to a regular room. She is in room 331 – Bed 2 at Allegheny Valley Hospital if anyone would like to send cards.

Prayers requested for Grace Trew Bethel Office 1 01-02-2018
Please keep Grace Trew and her family in your prayers. Grace was admitted to Allegheny Valley Hospital yesterday.

Greg’s dad and more Michelle Schafer 1 12-30-2017
Updates…. Nick will make a good recovery, doing well. However, Greg’s dad was taken to Allegheny valley hospital around 2 this morning and transferred to st Margaret’s around 9. He has pneumonia and heart failure. They had to intubate him so he can breathe. On our way back there now. Not looking good. On top of that, my son wrecked his car on his way to work this morning, he is banged up but fine, car will be totaled. Will keep you posted. Please add Jim to prayer chain.

Prayers Requested Bethel Office 2 12-21-2017
Lisa (Balmer) Keller is requesting prayers to help her through a difficult time.

Prayers requested for my niece Josie Meredith 1 12-20-2017
Please pray for my niece, Katie, who is in a coma in a hospital in Florida fighting for her life. Doctors are not optimistic, but we know that prayer is powerful! Thank you, friends.

Best friend’s son Michelle Schafer 2 12-16-2017
My best friend’s son, who lives in Colorado, has a gunshot wound to the head and went into surgery just after 7pm. Please pray for his recovery.

Joan Negley’s son-in-law Josie Meredith 3 11-26-2017
Requesting prayers for Joan’s son in law, Drew Brenenborg. A mass has been discovered in Drew’s lung. He is currently a patient in West Penn Hospital awaiting a biopsy tomorrow. Prayers that the biopsy shows no malignancy and also prayers for Joan, Melissa and the entire family as they face this scary and difficult time ahead. Thank you.

Liam Moran update Office Office 1 10-31-2017
Prayers for Jason, Sarah, and new baby, Liam Moran. Liam has been taken off monitoring and will go home after 48 hours as long as his blood sugar readings continue to improve. Please continue Prayers for all during this stressful time for the new parents and baby.

Lucy Boyer surgery complications Patty Boyer 2 10-27-2017
My mother-in-law, Lucy Boyer, went in to Forbes on Thursday to have her carotid arteries cleaned out. She was not worried about the surgery on Tuesday. She had complications during the procedure and was taken to Allegheny General Thursday with the doctors fearing a stroke. As of Friday morning she is at AGH and stable although I don’t know in what condition. Please pray for Lucy.

kidney transplant Karen King 0 10-13-2017
Please pray for David Green, from the New Bethlehen UMC. He is getting a new kidney today.

Prayer request for Frank Karen Dananay 1 09-14-2017
Please keep Frank (and me) in your prayers as he is in Allegheny Valley Hospital.