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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Grayson is off the vent! Bethel Office 3 09-29-2014
Kasie reports that Gracie is off the ventilator and they have been able to hold and hug her! There are still lots of issues to address and face. Please keep Grace and her family in your prayers as the journey continues. We praise God that she has come this far! Gracie remains in ICU.

Prayers for Matisse Nancy Jones 3 09-27-2014
Matisse Reid is one of my young tx friends who came to Pgh and Children’s Hospital for a multi-visceral tx. She is back home living in New Zealand and struggling with viruses and all the scary stuff that goes along with them. Thank you for your prayers for her and her family. We take health care for granted here in the United States!

Continued prayers for Grayson Bethel Office 6 09-25-2014
Gracie is having a rough day. Kasie reports, “Doctors just rounded. She now has a partial right lung collapse. They are going to try to wean her off the paralytic med but if she desats when that happens then we will go back on it.”

Update on Grayson Bethel Office 8 09-23-2014
Grayson is running a fever of 103.4. Test came back that she has the virus that is on the news (enterovirus) and MRSA. Her left lower lobe in her lung is collapsed. They have no clue how any of this came about and the Head doctor on her case is stumped. Grayson had an uneventful night last night. Her condition remains unchanged. Please continue prayers. Kasie and Brandon want to THANK EVERYONE for their support of words, hugs, thoughts and prayers. They mean so much to all of them.

Urgent prayer request Anonymous 8 09-20-2014
Please continue to pray for 2 yr old Grayson Orczyk who had surgery at children’s hospital yesterday and is not doing well at the moment. Prayers for the whole family are appreciated.

Prayers for Accident Victims Winnie Nale 9 09-18-2014
I’m asking for prayers for the family of my cousin, William Keener. Bill was killed yesterday in an auto accident in Armstrong County near the overpass/intersection of Rts. 66 and 422. His wife was driving and she is hospitalized. Thank you.

For a dear friend Josie Meredith 5 09-17-2014
Please pray for a dear friend of ours who is battling stage 3 breast cancer. She is currently undergoing double chemo treatments which are leaving her sick and weak and exhausted. She will be treating for an entire year, so her battle is just beginning. Please pray for strength for her and her husband and that the treatments are successful and that she will be a survivor. Thank you so much for your prayers.