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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
June Stringfellow Bethel Office 1 01-13-2015
June was admitted into an isolation ward yesterday at AVH. Continued prayers for a swift and complete recovery.

Stringfellow’s Bethel Office 1 01-12-2015
Please keep String and June in your prayers as they battle seasonal illness. June was going to the ER today with possible flu.

Friends Winnie Nale 1 01-06-2015
Requesting special prayers for the brother of a friend, and also a friend and her daughter, all of whom are facing devastating illnesses and grueling treatments.

Tillie Bethel Office 1 12-31-2014
Tillie Paredes was taken to St. Margaret\\’s on Tuesday with blood clots in her leg. Please keep her in your prayers for quick dissolving of the clots and healing.

Golembiesky’s Bethel Office 2 12-24-2014
Ed Golembiesky, Norma’s husband, died suddenly and unexpectedly tonight. Please pray for peace and comfort through the difficult days ahead.

Moran Family Bethel Office 7 12-20-2014
Gary’s younger brother, Marty, passed away unexpectedly today. Please hold the family in prayer as they deal with their loss during the holidays.

Please pray for Gianna Grace Masciantonio Josie Meredith 1 12-16-2014
I am posting this for a friend. Gianna Grace was born on 9/17/14 with an inoperable tumor on her brain stem. The doctors have determined that there is nothing they can do for her as she is too little to survive chemo or other cancer treatments. Her family is praying for a miracle. Please pray for a healing of this sweet baby girl. Thank you.

Mazur Family Bethel Office 2 12-04-2014
Bob Mazur, husband of Janice (McVay) Mazur died peacefully this morning in South Carolina. Our prayers go out to Janice, Darcy, Don, and the rest of the family. Cards can be sent to 118 Ashley River Drive, Summerville, SC 29485.

Prayers for Chuck Josie Meredith 2 11-12-2014
Prayers requested for Chuck as he will be having surgery tomorrow morning to remove his gallbladder. Thanks to all.

Surgery Kathy Schall 7 10-24-2014
Prayer for my mother, Janice Crowther. She is having a knee replacement on Monday.

Marian Resetar Bethel Office 6 10-23-2014
Marian is home after several weeks in the hospital and a short stay at Belair. Her Parkinson’s Disease continues to progress. Your cards and prayers give them strength to carry on.

Cathy Buffton Bethel Office 4 10-23-2014
Cathy is in the ICU stepdown unit at St. Margaret’s as she battles continuing issues. She and her family covet our prayers during these difficult days.

Norma Bethel Office 5 10-23-2014
Norma has been moved to Healthsouth Harmarville to continue treatment and therapy. Please keep her in your prayers for strength and peace and patience.

Norma Golembiesky Joan Negley 4 10-18-2014
Norma, who has MS, has been hospitalized to readjust medications. She is also receiving physical therapy as she has been wheelchair bound since February. She has asked for your prayers and would appreciate cards. Please send them to her house or to AVH in Natrona Heights. She will be hospitalized at least another week.

Kathy Gaydosik’s Father Dee George 3 10-18-2014
Please keep our Nursery Coordinator, Kathy Gaydosik, and her family, in your prayers on the passing of her father, Charles Copeland. Funeral services are scheduled for Wednesday in Plum Boro.

Prayers for Mike Nancy Jones 3 10-01-2014
Nikki and Bryan’s neighbor was in a very serious bike accident on Sunday and had emergency brain surgery. He also has four fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. Miraculously he has regained his cognitive abilities and is walking in physical therapy. Please offer prayers for Mike. Thank you.

Sara Wrona’s dad Bethel Office 2 09-30-2014
Sara’s dad passed away this afternoon. Katy is flying home. Please hold the family in prayer as they grieve the loss of their dad and grandfather. Arrangements are not finalized but will be handled by Giunta Funeral Home in Arnold.

Grayson is off the vent! Bethel Office 3 09-29-2014
Kasie reports that Gracie is off the ventilator and they have been able to hold and hug her! There are still lots of issues to address and face. Please keep Grace and her family in your prayers as the journey continues. We praise God that she has come this far! Gracie remains in ICU.

Prayers for Matisse Nancy Jones 3 09-27-2014
Matisse Reid is one of my young tx friends who came to Pgh and Children’s Hospital for a multi-visceral tx. She is back home living in New Zealand and struggling with viruses and all the scary stuff that goes along with them. Thank you for your prayers for her and her family. We take health care for granted here in the United States!

Continued prayers for Grayson Bethel Office 6 09-25-2014
Gracie is having a rough day. Kasie reports, “Doctors just rounded. She now has a partial right lung collapse. They are going to try to wean her off the paralytic med but if she desats when that happens then we will go back on it.”