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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Prayer requests for a dear friend Lynda Davis 0 07-06-2015
A very dear friend of Perry’s and mine lost her son yesterday. She lost a son a few years back and now yesterday…..she is devastated beyond belief and needs all the prayers
that can be lifted up for her to give her strength to get through this.

Prayers Bethel Office 0 06-18-2015
Please keep Sharlene Alcorn’s nephew, Michael Crocker in your prayers as he undergoes testing and treatment for cancer.

link for Bob’s obituary Bethel Office 0 06-10-2015
Sorry – forgot the link – here it is: http://obituaries.expressionstributes.com/?of=23d0365956

Prayers for Bob Michael’s family Bethel Office 2 06-10-2015
As many of you know, Bob Michael’s pain has ended as he passed on to his well deserved reward. Bob passed on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Here is a link to his obituary and information on the Celebration of his Life. Please keep Bob’s family and friends in your prayers as they deal with the grief of his passing.

Bob Micheal Joan Negley 3 06-02-2015
Prayers for Bob as he faces the final leg of his journey Home and the blessed release from his suffering.

Sharlene’s having surgery Bethel Office 2 05-28-2015
Please keep Sharlene Alcorn in your prayers as she has surgery Thursday, May 28, 2015 and as she recovers.

String Karen Hill 3 05-20-2015
After finding several blockages in his heart, String is having open heart surgery this afternoon. Please pray for a successful outcome and a swift recovery.

Mother Kathy Schall 2 04-30-2015
My mother fell and broke her knee cap which will require surgery.

Tom’s Uncle Joanne DeBolt 2 04-29-2015
Please keep the Yeager and DeBolt families in your prayers on the passing of Tom’s uncle Jack Yeager. They will also need prayers for safe travel as the remaining family is stretched from Texas to Connecticut.

Prayers for The Shearon Family Kris Nemet 3 04-28-2015
Please keep the Shearon Family from New Kensington in your prayers. Tom passed away yesterday at the age of 48. His son Parker and Todd are best friends. They will need lots of love and prayers to get them through this. Parker is a senior at Valley with many upcoming events that will be devastating without his dad.

Rich’s brother Bethel Office 4 04-21-2015
Rich Shute’s brother, Tim, passed away yesterday in DuBois. Hold Rich, Pastor Nancy and the rest of their family in prayer as they mourn his death.

Bob Michael Nancy Jones 5 04-15-2015
Continued prayers, please, for Bob Michael, as he spends his days in Forbes Hospice at West Penn Hospital. Please, if you have a chance, please visit, call, or at the least send a card. “I am convinced that caring for others who are weak or close to death is to support them in fulfilling their deepest vocation, the vocation of becoming more and more fully what they already are: beloved daughters and beloved sons of God” – Henri Nouwen. Thank you..

Prayers for my Grandaughter Olivia Lynda Davis 3 04-01-2015
Requesting prayers for my granddaughter Olivia who needs further testing on her Thyroid after getting the results of her ultrasound yesterday.

Surgery Pastor Nancy Shute 2 03-29-2015
Prayers for our daughter who is having surgery Monday morning. 3/30/15

Barbara Saylor Bethel Office 1 03-24-2015
Barbara Saylor is down and out with mono. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Joanne DeBolt update Bethel Office 2 03-24-2015
Joanne is having a difficult time after her knee replacement. She has developed blood clots, an allergic reaction to an adhesive, and now an infection. Her \”routine\” surgery has become anything but routine! Pray for patience and healing.

Prayers for my mom Kris Nemet 2 03-20-2015
Please keep my mom in your prayers. She was admitted to the hospital early last week because of nausea and dizziness. At first it was thought to be the flu, then tested for just about everything else. Final diagnosis much to our surprise “MONO”. She is home now and resting. She has several weeks of recovery and will covet your prayers as she gets through this. We are very happy that the diagnosis was not something much worse. However, still taxing on her as she recovers. Thanks.

David Bracken, Jr. Bethel Office 2 03-18-2015
David was involved in a car accident on Sunday evening and then hit by another vehicle. He is currently in Presby Hospital. He has a lot of bruising, swelling, tearing, and broken bones. He has already had surgery on one of his legs. He is expected to be OK. Prayers and hopes for a fast and full recovery.

Joanne DeBolt Bethel Office 2 03-18-2015
Joanne had successful knee replacement surgery yesterday. Please hold her in prayer as she regains full use of her new joint in the coming weeks.

Chico Alvarez Bethel Office 1 03-17-2015
Our former pastor Jaime’s husband, Chico, had a massive heart attack near Waco, TX as they were returning from wintering in Mexico. He has had a catheterization and open-heart surgery to place 3 stints. Jaime is in a hotel room. They are grateful that they were back in the states when this happened! Pray for healing and peace. If you’d like to give Jaime a call or send her a text, her number is 814.243.4036.