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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Family of Vivian Y. Meanor Bethel Office 0 07-15-2020
Please keep the family of Vivian Meanor in your prayers. Vivian, a former member of Bethel passed away on Monday, July 13th.

Update on Michele Josie Meredith 0 07-12-2020
Prayers are working. Michele was taken off ventilator this morning, but still has long road ahead. Please continue to pray for her. Thank you so much.

Prayers for Michelle Josie Meredith 0 07-09-2020
A friend, Michelle is battling cancer, currently undergoing chemo. Developed a severe allergic reaction, which now has led to pneumonia and a blood infection. She is on a ventilator. She really needs our prayers.

Paryers for Kaye Linda Johnson 0 06-17-2020
Please keep Kaye C. in your prayers. She will be undergoing a medical procedure on Friday and would appreciate prayers.

Prayers needed Winifred Nale 0 05-19-2020
I am asking for prayers for myself, please, for healing from a rather serious medical condition. Thank you

Update on Barbara Saylor Harbison Kris Nemet 0 05-08-2020
My mom came home yesterday afternoon. All tests came back good. The diagnosis is unspecified chest pain. She is home resting. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Thank you.

Prayers Requests Kris Nemet 0 05-07-2020
Please keep my mom, Barbara Saylor Harbison in your prayers. She is in Butler Hospital undergoing cardiac testing for possible heart attack. She is feeling slightly better than she had been feeling the last week. Continued testing today. Vitals are good and Covid19 test came back negative. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for prayers Winnie Nale 0 04-30-2020
The surgery for my friend Joyce was very successful and she is resting comfortably at home. She is able and allowed to do almost anything! Prayers answered! And thank you so much!

A friend Debbie Conwell 0 04-14-2020
I am asking for prayers for a friend , Ray, who was my former neighbor. He has cancer and is facing major surgery tomorrow, is out of state from his current home with no support. TY

Prayer request for family of Chuck Harriger Linda Johnson 0 04-02-2020
Chuck passed away on April 1 so please keep his family in your prayers.

Prayers requested for Bill J. Linda Johnson 0 03-24-2020
Please keep Bill, Mary, Billie Jo and Samatha J. in your prayers as Bill enters the hospital tomorrow for a heart cauterization procedure to find out what is going on with his heart.

Prayers for friends and family Winnie Nale 0 03-20-2020
Please pray for my friend, Joyce, who will have critical surgery on March 23, and also for my sister-in-law who will have a heart cath on March 28. As would be expected, both patients are very concerned about the coronavirus while being hospitalized. Thank you..

Prayers for Karen D’s sisther, Beth Anonymous 0 03-19-2020
Please keep Beth Obbink (and family) in your prayers as she has been moved to a hospice facility in West Virginia.

Prayers for Linda H. Anonymous 0 03-19-2020
Please keep Linda H. in your prayers. She is out of the hospital but needs prayers for her recovery and health.

Prayers for Tammi H Anonymous 0 03-19-2020
Please keep Tammi H (Linda H’s daughter) in your prayers. She is in St. Margaret’s Hospital having surgery.

Prayers for Judy Fryer Linda Johnson 0 03-11-2020
Judy is in Magee Hospital undergoing tests. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Prayers for Tillie Bethel Office 0 01-30-2020
Please keep Tillie in your prayers. She fell and broke 3 bones in her ankle. She is in Forbes hospital. One bone and been fixed. She will have surgery on the other 2 bones on Monday.

Prayers for friends Winnie Nale 0 01-18-2020
Please pray for Joyce and Bob; both have serious illnesses.

Prayers for Pastor Paul Bethel Office 0 11-15-2019
Please keep Pastor Paul in your thoughts and prayers. He has been admitted to the ICU unit because his lungs are filling up with fluid causing him to have breathing problems.

Prayers requested Bethel Office 0 11-14-2019
Please keep Don Kauffman and family in your prayers. Mary Jane passed away this morning. Visitation will be held Sunday at Rusiewicz Funeral Home on Sunday and the funeral will be at Bethel on Monday at 11:00 a.m.