The Story of the Loves and Fishes

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 “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims [God’s] handiwork!” Psalm 19:1 (NSRV)

Finding time to be with God is difficult. Busy, demanding, and stressful lives leave little or no time to be alone with God. Juggling competing schedules, responsibilities, and demands of your relationships as parent, child, spouse, significant other, sibling, worker, caregiver, volunteer, and friend, is exhausting. Before long, you can lose a sense of who you really are.

Perhaps, you look within yourself to try to cobble together a more healthy meaning to life. At other times, you may turn to self-help books to help make changes that will restore balance in your life and lead you to re-discover direction, purpose and meaning to life.

David, ancient Israel’s greatest king, knew something about a stressful life.  As David, stood in the swamp of a chaotic life with the alligators of sin, worry, fear and guilt nipping at him, he looked away from himself – not just to something or someone, but to God. In God, David found ultimate meaning, purpose and direction to life.

Looking to God allows you to contemplate the majesty of creation, to admire the glory of God who creates, re-creates, and holds all things together in Jesus Christ, and to accept a deep personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. With fresh eyes and re-energized hope, you can see the life that God has for you, receive God’s assurances of love, grace, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and mercy, find rest that Jesus Christ offers, and feel renewed strength to share the gift of life you have with peace, joy and meaning.

Author: Paul Taylor

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